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Nadal Fortuny Origins

The firm was created in 1995 by the founder partner José Nadal Mir, graduated in Law by the University of Barcelona. José Nadal Mir possesses a large professional experience for over 40 years.

José Nadal Mir has been a professor at the Distance University (UNED). In addition, the Balearic Solicitors Association granted him the Deontology prize in 2013 (first edition).

In 2014, Gabriel Nadal Fortuny joined the law firm. After his bachelors degree, he completed a Master in Tax Law at the Garrigues Studies Center. After his professional stage at PwC and Deloitte, he obtained the Master in International Taxation (LLM), from the University of Leiden. Finally, once he joined the firm Nadal Abogados, he studied the Master in Urban Law and Land Management by the University of the Balearic Islands.

The principles on which Nadal Abogados was founded trough the principles of honesty, decency, respect for deontological rules and full submission to the Law. These values govern the legal advice provided to the client. Nadal Abogados combines experience and rigor, as the result of more than 40 years of service to our clients, with the dedication, efficiency and diligence demanded by the current society.
Nadal Abogados is a multidisciplinary law firm in Spain, specialized in various areas of Spanish law and oriented to both companies and resident / non-resident individuals.


International Assestment

We provide advice to foreign clients with interests in Spain. Likewise, we also assist domestic clients with interests outside our borders. The firm provides high quality advice to domestic and foreign customers, based on experience and deep knowledge of the law and the international market. This knowledge allows the firm to carry out cross-border transactions that require a complex combination of multidisciplinary work, talent and commitment.
We possess collaborative relationships with foreign law firms offering customers international advice on the countries implied.

Company Creation

We have a multidisciplinary team, formed by lawyers and economists
specialized in the Commercial, Tax and Accounting areas. This multidisciplinary
team allows us to provide advice to entrepreneurs in the creation of companies.
Both economists and expert lawyers in the creation of companies will advise
from the beginning of the activity in order to provide advice on the legal form of
the business, the taxation of the company, labor obligations, etc.

Shareholders meetings

We represent our clients into shareholders meetings, in order to ensure their
interests. Our advice prioritizes searching for solutions to solve possible
conflicts that may arise within the corresponding entities.

Merges and acquisitions

Our services include due diligence procedures, structuring, drafting and
negotiation of contracts in mergers and acquisitions, transfer of assets or
business and joint ventures or commercial alliances. Likewise, we advise in the
constitution, organization and definition of investment vehicles; as well as
assistance in all commercial and corporate aspects.

Internationalization of Spanish companies

The firm has participated in many internationalization processes of local

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private law

José Nadal Mir

Law degree from the University of Barcelona.

Exercising since 1979, member of the Balearic Bar Association.

Deontology Award from the Balearic Bar Association (first edition).

He has been a professor at the Distance University (UNED).

Gabriel Nadal Fortuny

Law degree from the University of Salamanca.

Member of the Balearic Bar Association.

Master in Tax Law from the Garrigues Tax Center.

Master in International Tax Law from the University of Leiden (Netherlands).

Master in urban development law and real estate law from the University of the Balearic Islands.

Bankruptcy Course Thomson Reuters.

Blanca Sureda Mora

Degree in Economics from the University of the Balearic Islands.
Master in Audit and Accounting from the Alcalá University.
Tax Course on Personal Income Tax and Wealth Tax by the University of the Balearic Islands.
Inheritance and Donation Tax Course by the University of the Balearic Islands.

Xim Busquets Fluxà

Law degree by the University of the Balearic Islands.

Master in Company Law by the FUEIB.

CESCOM Compliance Certification by the Spanish Compliance Association.

José Carlos Segura Alfaro.

Degree in Economics from the University of the Balearic Islands.

Master in Tax by the University of the Balearic Islands.

Catalina López Morro

Degree in Economics from the University of the Balearic Islands.
Tax Course on Personal Income Tax and Wealth by the University of the Balearic Islands.
Course on Non-Resident Income Tax from the University of the Balearic Islands.

Eva Serra López

Degree in administrative management by the IES Ses Estacions.

Tax Course on Personal Income Tax and Wealth by the University of the Balearic Islands.

Xenia Von Wedemeyer

Law Degree from the University of Düsseldorf.


Tax Advice

The Tax Area is the area where the firm has a greater number of professionals.
The tax area makes available to its clients a wide variety of tax advice services, recurrent or specific, backed by our adaptation ability to the needs of each client.
Our services in this area are clearly focused on the optimization of the tax burden within the alternatives offered by the current tax regulations. Together with this fundamental objective, our tax advisory services allow us to optimize the efficiency and resources used in regulatory compliance, providing the knowledge and experience necessary to face the complex tax regulations with guarantees.

International Taxation

We advise our international clients in matters of national and international taxation, and we accompany them in their international investments. In addition, we carry out a continuous and detailed monitoring of EU legislative initiatives and the impact of the CJEU jurisprudence on fiscal matters that may affect them.

Family business

The firm is specialized in Tax Advice for real estate and family assets, in order to optimize their taxation.


We advise before the private, criminal and the administrative Courts, in all types of
litigation and in all instances of the national territory.
The Litigation service includes dealing with appeals of contractual nature and of a non-
contractual nature, including claims for damages. On the other hand, our solicitors
interfere in controversies related to urban planning and tax procedures, as well as in
claims of responsibility from the Authorities.
Likewise, as regards the corporate sphere, the firm provides advice in both matters,
economic criminal law, and Company Law.

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The firm provides advice on contract law, mainly on real estate and commercial
Regarding inheritance matters, the firm provides advice on both Mallorcan law and
common law in regard to the inheritances partition.
The Firm provides advice on wills and family protocols throughout the design,
negotiation and implementation of the corresponding process.
The firm also provides advice on marriage law, developing agreements, as well as
marriage certificate.

Real State

The Firm possesses a high level of experience offering complete advice in the area of ​​real estate law. Our legal advice covers all matters related to construction, promotion, financing and real estate investment of residential buildings, offices, warehouses and hotels.

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We are familiar with the Anglo-Saxon concepts of “trust”, “lease”, “joint tenancy” and “tenants in common” as well as the design of legal and tax structures in real estate investment and management of real estate projects.

Likewise, the Firm is specialized in urban discipline procedures before Town Halls and the Mallorca Government. The firm has mediated in numerous administrative procedures defending the legality of existing constructions.

Company Law

The firm has wide experience that allows us to analyze the legal situations faced by both local and international companies.

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We have among our clients a high number of local families, as well as International Groups of companies that have entrusted us with the responsibility of their legal assistance, not only in regard to their own businesses, but also in the structuring of relationships between partners. Due to this extensive service, our lawyers have collaborated in the expansion and consolidation of numerous companies.


In Spain, there is still a great lack of knowledge about the importance of regulatory compliance. There is a lot of work to be done in order to ensure that plays a relevatn role in society, hence the urgency for its adaptation in Spanish companies.

The so-called “compliance culture” marks the economic, political and business identity of a country. The difference in attitude distinguieses between creating and constituting evidence for the defense or just collecting evidence of the controls previously established.

The “Compliance Officer” is a new figure in the business world, which remains unknown. This new figure has come by law to Spanish companies, after the Penal Code Reform has been approved in the Congress of Deputies.

This new figure of control aims to prevent the commission of crimes, which appears as a necessity after incorporating the criminal liability of legal entities and the implementation of the new death penalty for Companies. 

The measure affects all Spanish companies, regardless of their size, so al lof them  must have this figure in their workforce or commission external professionals to comply with this Law. 

Both large companies and SMEs should consider having their “Compliance Officer”, either on staff or as a contracted external service, being the last one the best and most feasible option for small and medium businesses. 

We make this Reporting Channel available to all interested parties, in order to inform the company of facts or conduct that may pose a criminal risk to the entity.

Complaints Channel.

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